All great stories start with a spark of passion moving an idea. Here’s how Ursus brand was born and evolved over the years.

To those who are not familiar, the Bull is a symbol of invincible strength, sacrifice and selflessness. It is a figure linked to the cycle of life: its sacrifice represents fertility, a blaze of fire from the sun entering the wet earth. Most ancient cultures associate the idea of the bull with power, an icon expressing the values shared by the Ursus brand.

Strength, perseverance and sacrifice are the prime ideals since our origin in 1967, when Sergio Ferronato and his brother Domenico first began to produce steel quick release for the saddle.

URSUS S.p.A. Via manzoni 12 36027 Rosà (Vicenza)


In the wake of Italians great cyclists, Coppi and Bartali, the Ursus company chose its name and identity. Its logo, depicting the gladiator, Ursus grabbing a bull by the horns was chosen for evoking the values of strength, perseverance and sacrifice.

After years of designing, manufacturing and distributing hubs and components, URSUS invested in the production of complete wheels. The expertise, the constant search for new materials to be tested and technological innovation provided by its engineers and technicians have allowed Ursus to forge ahead and to partner with professional cycling teams to ensure constant feedback and testing to offer top-notch performance-drive wheels and components for elite cyclists.